Holiday in Tuscany

Tuscany has to be fairly high on the list of destinations for any travel / landscape photographer. Sure, it has been well photographed by thousands of good photographers before, but that doesn’t worry me. So, when it came to booking a family holiday to coincide with summer half-term, Tuscany it was!

The holiday started as soon as we flew out of Guernsey. A short hop to Jersey, then on to Zurich where we picked up a hire car and embarked on the journey south to Italy. The drive down though the Alps was spectacular! An overnight stay just south of Como, then onward to our villa which was situated in the heart of Tuscany, about 10km south of the famous medieval town of San Gimignano.

The Tuscan landscape did not disappoint. Everything was still quite fresh and green at the end of May, especially so this year, as the region had experienced a fairly wet spring in contrast to the extremely dry conditions we had experienced in Guernsey. As with any family holiday, photography has to fit around other activities, such as eating, drinking and enjoying the company of the family. However, my kit bag was always with me. I did have a couple of successful landscape outings, but would have loved to have stayed longer to discover other scenic spots. Of course, the numerous medieval, hill-top, walled towns such as San Gimignano and Volterra were excellent for general architectural and street photography.

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