Katherine Jenkins

To coincide with the 65th anniversary of Guernsey’s liberation from Nazi occupying forces in WWII, ThingsToDoGuernsey arranged two concert dates (30 April / 1 May) at Beau Sejour for the fabulous Welsh mezzo-soprano, Katherine Jenkins. Simon Campbell of CSP and myself were given privileged access to take photographs of the concert on 30th April.

What a treat! Katherine looked amazing and sounded wonderful too. However, as a photographer, my brain’s visual cortex was definitely taking priority over the auditory one.

As is always the case with concert photography, conditions were technically challenging. Lighting was far from ideal! Low light levels forced the use of reasonably high ISO levels, however, I always tried to stay as low as possible as even the Canon 5D Mark II starts to lose detail at ISO 800. All shots were taken with the 70-200 f/2.8L IS lens, either with or without a 2X convertor fitted.

The results were quite pleasing.

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