The panel was submitted as prints. Printed by myself on an EPSON R800 A4 inkjet printer using Fotospeed Lustre paper. The prints were expertly mounted by Glen Irven of Guernsey Picture Framers & Art Gallery.

An LRPS panel consists of 10 images and must demonstrate excellent technical ability, ideally various techniques in different conditions. Faults such as bad focus, lack of shadow detail, blown highlights, dust spots, poor print quality are all things that would instantly fail a panel. Also, and Importantly the panel must “hang together” well, i.e. the photographs must be a coherent set when viewed together. Choice of colours, orientation and colour matching and subject all helps to bring a panel together. I could have put together a number of panels, but settled on one that demonstrated my love of natural history and landscape photography.

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My Successful LRPS Panel - 12 June 2014
Chris Tostevin-Hall, LRPS.