Err 30

My Canon 5D mark II is two and a half years old and only taken about 8,500 shots; not what I would call heavy use. So I was fairly surprised when it suffered a catastrophic failure, reporting Err 30, Shooting is not possible! When this happened, at first, I wasn’t too worried as I was confident that a “reboot” i.e. removing and then reinstalling the battery would correct the problem. When this failed to fix the problem I proceeded to try everything I could think of to get the camera working again: changing lenses, turning off automatic sensor cleaning etc, but nothing worked. By Googling the problem I learnt that Err 30 pertained to a “shutter related problem” and that the camera would need to be sent to Canon for repair :-(


The 5D isn’t my only DSLR (I have a Canon 30D as a back up), however, with the occurrence of this camera failure and a wedding shoot coming up on 9th September I decided that it was time to invest in another 5D mark II to ensure that a similar failure doesn’t catch me out during a critical shoot. Mifsuds were more than happy to sell me one ;-)

As for the broken one: I took advice from friends and sent it off to be repaired by FixationUK. They replaced the Shutter Unit and the Mirror Cam and charged me £231 which I thought was reasonable!