In The Flesh

I’m a long standing fan of Pink Floyd’s music so when I heard that ThingsToDoGuernsey were bringing the Floyd tribute band In The Flesh to Guernsey I was keen to try to attend to photograph the band and enjoy the great music. Thanks to Karen of ThingsToDoGuernsey who once again gave me free access to the venue to capture the action I was able to get some nice shots of the band.

InTheFlesh 001

InTheFlesh 003
InTheFlesh 004
InTheFlesh 002
InTheFlesh 005InTheFlesh 006
InTheFlesh 008InTheFlesh 009
InTheFlesh 010InTheFlesh 007
InTheFlesh 017InTheFlesh 016
InTheFlesh 012

InTheFlesh 013InTheFlesh 015
InTheFlesh 011InTheFlesh 014