Dance Photos

I’m very pleased to announce that the photos that I took of the dance festival group dress-rehearsal and also the evening concerts of Friday 18th and Saturday 19th are now available to be browsed and purchased.


Firstly, I hope I managed to get some photos of your daughter or son, however, it’s always difficult to get full coverage at these kind of events so please forgive me if I missed anyone.

I am hosting/selling the photos on my PhotoBox Gallery. PhotoBox is a leading online photo printing and fulfilment website based n the UK. They do all the printing, e-commerce and fulfilment which makes it easy for me and you. They also offer a very fast service! The photos that were on the display board at the concert were printed by PhotoBox so you will have seen that the quality is excellent.

It has been a great fun doing the photography for Karen, but also a huge amount of work.  14 hours of shooting (about 2000 images), and about 28 hours of editing, organising, etc. Resulting in 1261 high quality images. To make it easier to find specific photos I have organised the photos into separate albums for each group dance as featured at the dress rehearsal. All other photos are in two further albums, one for Friday evening’s concert and another for Saturday.

The albums are password protected. Karen will be informing everyone of this in an upcoming newsletter. However, if you email me to verify who you are, I will send you the password.

A note about quality: As I have already stated, PhotoBox prints are excellent. All the images that I have kept are of the highest possible quality given the challenging conditions. The photos taken at the dress-rehearsal benefited from good even lighting. The lighting at the concerts was mixed colour and more variable, however, this does make the photos more atmospheric! Also, please note that the images you see on screen on PhotoBox are quite highly compressed and will not look their best and won’t look perfectly sharp. Rest assured that the files used for printing are very high quality and will produce super prints!

A note about sizes: All the photos are 3X2 aspect ratio. I have limited the print sizes available to match this aspect ratio with the exception of two panoramic crops that are good for the wide, whole group shots. If you use these panoramic sizes, make sure you adjust the crop to include the right area of the image; you do this by clicking on the “Check my prints” link in the shopping basket. If you have any special requirements not catered for, send me an email and I will be happy to help.

A note about pricing: I have priced my work very competitively. Please note that expensive equipment and technical expertise are required to produce high quality photos under such conditions. Also as already stated, a great deal of careful work has been put in to producing the photos that you are about to browse.

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